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As a key component, seals are extremely important to ensure that systems operate efficiently, trouble-free, and safely. The various manufacturing processes, changing pressure and temperature conditions, water properties – all of these require special attention when designing the correct sealing technology.


In many industrial applications, water is an indispensable operating and production material. It is dominant in some processes, such as pulp and paper manufacturing. Or specifically in the form of ultrapure water in pharmaceutical production, vapor in chemical processes, or tap water for cleaning purposes.

In addition, there are numerous special water-related applications that distinguish themselves based either on the special challenges of the medium and/or application (e.g. purified water, hot water) or on the specific character of the machine (e.g. pump as turbine).

Therefore, the requirements for sealing components are just as varied as the applications themselves.

EagleBurgmann is familiar with industrial challenges and assists operators and original equipment manufacturers in all matters concerning sealing technology for their plants. Our spectrum of seals ranges from standardized product series to customer-specific special designs.

Water as process water, for cleaning, or as part of the product – in all processes where water is used to produce food, it must fulfill the strict requirements for drinking water. The relevant hygiene regulations must be complied with, and the materials declared safe by national certification offices.

EagleBurgmann mechanical seals for use in the drinking water sector have the required drinking water approval (UBA, WRAS). Other international approvals can be procured on request. Here, depending on the application, you can choose from among standardized elastomer bellows seals, pusher seals, cartridge seals, or split seals.

You can rely on the unlimited performance and long service life of our sealing solutions.

Many industrial companies are investing beyond what the law requires. Ever more of them are paying special attention to sustainable, efficient water management and a reduced water footprint. With in-house wastewater treatment systems, the used process water or operating water is treated and prepared for another use.

The challenges for the sealing components of a pump increase depending on the type and degree of contamination of the water. Even at high temperatures and with components such as greases, chemicals, sand, and other solids, they must perform dependably over long periods of time.

EagleBurgmann’s robust pump seals reliably comply with the special requirements for wastewater treatment. Every day, they are proving themselves in reputable pump systems from many international manufacturers and at operators around the world.

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  • A unique portfolio of sealing technology in the proven EagleBurgmann quality for nearly any type of application. With a wide range of largely standardized products and functional add-ons, we can design seals for any customer-specific application.
  • Quick availability of standard seals

  • Development of designed and engineered solutions

  • Full-service provider with a global presence. Our modular service offerings also include optimized spare parts supply and logistics

  • EagleBurgmann ExpressCenter for emergency repairs

  • Partner to numerous, international pump OEMs

  • Training courses on the subjects of sealing technology, maintenance, and service at the EagleBurgmann Academy

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From industrial and commercial production to wastewater treatment to (sea)water desalination – EagleBurgmann is your reliable project partner for the specialized design of sealing solutions for new systems. Our deep, industry-spanning process knowledge ensures you the right selection and safe function of the sealing technology used so that your productivity remains high and your costs low when operating the system later on.

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The many water management projects that we have implemented around the world demonstrate the depth of our expertise.  Take a look at these selected practical application examples. That's excellent sealing technology.


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